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Remote Garden Design

This is a great option if you are keen to create a garden yourself but aren’t sure where to start. 

I will give you a quote based on your garden measurements and your requirements. This way you can set your budget, decide which area of your garden you want to focus on and what type of designs would be most useful to you. I will create a bespoke design, tailored to your space and your tastes. 

If you have a large garden, it might be best to tackle it in sections, one project at a time.

Optionally, if you are in the UK I can design your plant list to a budget and make your plant list entirely from specific nursery stock lists so that you can take your plant list directly to them to order if you want to go ahead with your design.

To get started please fill in this initial contact form (there is no commitment to commission a design at this stage, I’ll just get back in touch to have a chat about your vision for your garden and let you know my availability).

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Remote designs will be plant focused, with only suggestions for hard landscaping where appropriate, these suggestions would need to be discussed in detail between you and your landscaper.


You might want any mixture of the following options:

GARDEN LAYOUT A design for your new garden layout drawn to scale using the measurements you provide.  

PLANT LIST  A bespoke plant list including suggested quantities, but no sketch for their positioning within the garden. This is a good option if you are keen to retain some creative control of the design. I will tailor the plant list to the conditions of your garden. I may need to divide the list into sections for planting within different parts of your garden, for example ‘plants for the north-facing border’, ‘plants for the pond’ or ‘plants for your rockery’. I will suggest plants in quantities that correspond to the sizes of your borders.

PLANT LIST AND PLANTING DESIGN A bespoke plant list including suggested quantities and a labelled sketch for their position for planting within the borders (whether new or pre-existing).

CARE PLAN FOR GARDEN A personalised document with information on how to care for each individual plant in the plant list.

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