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In Person Garden Design

Due to COVID-19 I am currently only working on remote garden design projects.

Design Time Estimate

After an initial garden visit I will give you an estimate of how long I think a design will take before you commission me to start designing. This first visit is a chance to have a chat with you about what you want from your garden, and for me to see the space. I charge £30.00 per hour for design time and 25p per mile travelled for site visits (not including the initial visit, which I do not charge for)

Design and Quote

I will then email you the designs and planting lists for you to have a look at, along with a quote for any landscaping, prep, planting and sourcing of all materials and plants involved in the plans. Any changes that you may want will be agreed at this stage and if you choose to go ahead with the design we can discuss dates for the work to begin. 

Landscaping and Planting

If landscaping is required (tree removal, tree planting, paths to be laid, walls or seating to be built, borders dug and prepared) I work with an excellent local Edinburgh landscaper. His team will carry out this work and I will check in with him to see how everything is going. Once they have finished then I will lay out the plants. Depending on the scale of the project and time constraints I will either do the planting myself or will hand over to one of a few local and knowledgeable horticulturalists with whom I’ve worked before.

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